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Dr. Paul Wambua is a distinguished Corporate Leader with over 20 years’ experience in the financial services Sector specializing in Community Financial Institutions (CFIs), Agriculture, Housing, Manufacturing, Mining, Health and Energy. He is a Fellow of the Kenya Institute of Management; and an Executive Leadership Coach with CDI-Africa, and ICUDE (International Credit Union Development Education), USA, UK and Africa.Dr. Wambua started his co-operative career as a Technical Services Officer with the Kenya Union of Savings & Credit Co-operatives (KUSCCO): where he undertook groundbreaking Research and Consultancy Services. He modelled the Front-Office Services Activity (FOSA) that enabled financial co- operatives to offer quasi-banking services in Kenya and deepening financial inclusion in Africa.He has led a number of key co-operative institutions in Kenya as the General Manager: notably, Balozi Sacco, Chai Sacco, and Ufundi Sacco. As the CEO of Stima Sacco, he transformed Stima to a Model & Leading Co-operative Financial Institution (No. 2 in Africa): growing the membership from 8,000 to 110,000; Assets from Kes. 5 bn to Kes. 26 bn; and cash-flow from Kes. 80 m to Kes 700 m per month in 5 years! During his tenure as the CEO, Stima Sacco was ranked the Best Sacco in Credit Rating; Best Loan Book; Best Capitalized Sacco; Best Managed Sacco; Highest Growth Rate (< 30% average) and scooped the FIRE (Financial Reporting) Award for Best Sacco in Kenya in 2017.He is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Duis Group of Companies (comprising of Duis Kenya Limited and Duis Capital Fund 1); a Pan-African boutique investment company domiciled in Mauritius with Corporate Operations in East Africa through Duis Kenya Ltd. It manages funds on behalf of active investors.

Dr. Wambua is the Founder Executive Director and now Group Chairman of Chike Africa Limited (CAL), a Mauritius based private placement investment capital firm of humanitarian nature for the development of medium to large scale business ventures and projects that positively address the socio-economic development in Africa and other developing countries in the World. Chike Africa Limited is licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of Mauritius.Dr. Wambua is also the founder shareholder of Stansfield Project Management (SPM), based in Dubai whose mandate to internationally place funds for investments in mining, agriculture, health, financial services, affordable housing, manufacturing, etc. Dr. Wambua has extensive experience in equity participation in African companies and the Dubai Office has been opened for Global investments.He is a consummate researcher and a prolific author with a Doctorate in Business Administration. He has undergone the Advanced Management Programme at Strathmore University, and the University of Navarra, Spain. He holds an MBA in Corporate Management from KCA University; and a B. Com Degree from the University of Nairobi. He’s currently undertaking the Global CEO Program (a joint program by Strathmore University, Lagos Business School and University of Navarra, Spain).In addition to a distinguished service and leadership to the Kenyan Co-operative sector, Dr.Wambua is a celebrated international speaker with ACCOSCA (African Confederation of Co-operative Savings & Credit Associations); where he has presented in International Conferences in nearly 30 countries over the last 10 years. He has also consulted widely for the World Council of Cooperatives (WOCCU) and USAID. Dr. Wambua sits and chairs many Corporate Boards in Kenya.

Founded in 2017

Duis Group Africa was founded in 2017 as a Mauritius-incorporated investment company, and structured as an investment company to provide sustainable credit to cooperative societies and microfinance institutions across Africa.

Global Business License

The company holds a Global Business License Category 1, and is regulated by the Mauritian Financial Service Commission (FSC).


Duis specialises in providing sustainable credit to cooperative societies and MFIs through long-term funding, technical assistance and advisory services.

Business Model

The business model is designed to deliver innovative financial and advisory solutions by leveraging on a 360-degree view of the client.

Investment Mandate

Duis’ investment mandate covers a long-term perspective of a pan-African impact through:
● Long term and affordable credit
● In-depth analysis & understanding of client needs
● ICT support & development
● Human capital capacity building
● Strategic partnerships & alliances
● Risk management

Operating Principles

Our operating principles emphasize on the application of international best practices and a blend of local and international expertise with an understanding of Financial Services, to deploy investments across Africa.

Business Model (Credit Clients)

The business model for credit clients is focused on:
● Regulated and selective accredited cooperatives
● MFIs
● SMEs

Duis offers a unique investment opportunity to access a viable and consistently growing sector that has a broad impact on large masses of the African population.
Access to a broader investment base with alternative investment opportunities in the financial services space in African economies.
A unique value proposition in the Duis business model that seek to disrupt the financial services sector status quo to enhance growth, by enabling Cooperatives and MFIs have better delivery of services to their members.


Is a sister company of Duis Group with a mandate to undertake international fund raising and deploy to local investees clients through Duis Kenya Limited(DKL). It’s main focus areas are real estate, Commodities and commercial trade and MSMEs.


Duis Group Africa has a strong and diversified team with skilled and experienced leadership and management with professional expertise in the various sectors that we serve. Their detailed profiles are available on a need basis.